His way of thinking is the straightest of all.[1]

Ai Mikaze (美風 藍, Mikaze Ai) is one of the idols you can interact with in Shining Live. He is a member of the idol group QUARTET NIGHT.

He is voiced by Shouta Aoi (蒼井 翔太, Aoi Shouta).[2]


A mysterious man of Shining Productions. Not much is known about Ai's private life and his true personality. He writes his own songs independently as an idol. Despite his sharp tongue, he holds no malice or ill will. [3]

Ai will say what he thinks no matter how bluntly it may come across. When a subject piques his curiosity he will thoroughly research the matter. He has never lost his temper and always speaks calmly with a level headed perspective. Ai is very hardworking and wants everyone to keep up with him when he works with others.




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