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Cecil and Ren have signed a deal to appear in a promotional TV ad for a travel agency. In the ad, a young heartbroken man meets a mysterious man on his travels.

"If you were given the chance to travel back into the past, would you take it?"

What does this meeting between these two strangers have in store, and what did these two learn from their roles in this commercial?

Main cast:

Cecil Aijima
Ren Jinguji

Appearing in the story:

Otoya Ittoki
Masato Hijirikawa
Natsuki Shinomiya
Tokiya Ichinose
Syo Kurusu

Episode 1

Ren Jinguji: Hey, Cesshi! Great work during the Shopping Showdown at the mall.

Ren Jinguji: They'll be going over the footage for a while. We have some break time until the second round, so... Hey, what's that you're writing?

Cecil Aijima: I'm doing a review of the last round. I'd very much like to win the next.

Ren Jinguji: Ever the serious scholar, Cesshi. Just so you know, I have every intention of winning the next round.

Cecil Aijima: That makes two of us, then! But I must say, you have a real eye for shopping. How did you get so good?

Ren Jinguji: I think it's the kind of thing that you learn by doing. Why don't we go do a bit of shopping now?

Ren Jinguji: Thanks to the Shopping Showdown, the entire mall is our private paradise. Might as well make the most of it, eh?

Ren Jinguji: I got the all-clear from the staff. Let's take a look at the travel goods! Filming for our next commercial is gonna need an overnight trip.

Cecil Aijima: That's a good idea. Let's do it!

Episode 2

Cecil Aijima: Ren, check out this dreamy bag! It's even lined with pockets on the inside. That could be handy!

Ren Jinguji: Good find, Cesshi. What do you think of this?

Cecil Aijima: Er... What is it? It's flat, has an odd shape... What on earth do you use it for?

Ren Jinguji: It's a portable neck pillow. You inflate it and stick it around your neck so you can relax when you're in transit.

Cecil Aijima: Come to think of it, I saw someone use that on one of our bus trips. I had no clue they were this small when deflated.

Cecil Aijima: And what's this stick thing? Whoa, it extends!

Ren Jinguji: You stick your smartphone on the end to get a better shooting angle for selfies.

Cecil Aijima: Amazing! This place is just packed with surprises! I'm getting excited just looking around!

Ren Jinguji: You really don't come to these kinds of shops often, huh, Cesshi? But hey, if you're happy, so am I.

Cecil Aijima: You bet! I had no idea there were so many travel goods. I can't wait for that commercial shoot! I'll make sure I'm totally ready for the trip.

Episode 3

Cecil Aijima: This commercial is about a broken-hearted young man embarking on a journey. Say, Ren, for what other reasons might someone take a trip?

Ren Jinguji: Oh, there are lots. Some people go to refresh. Others want to get a taste of the local cuisine, or check out the killer views.

Ren Jinguji: As for the boy in the commercial? He's looking to heal his broken heart. You know, get back on track.

Cecil Aijima: Heal and get back on track... I see what you mean. The boy does start to brighten up after a chance encounter on the road.

Ren Jinguji: That's the beauty of the open road! You never know what incredible people you'll meet along the way.

Ren Jinguji: Jeez, look at the time... Our break's almost over. For now, let's appreciate what we find on the journey of this shoot.

Cecil Aijima: Well said! We're bound to find something fabulous on the next Shopping Showdown!

Episode 4

Otoya Ittoki: Hey, Cecil, Ren! What's that commercial you're in gonna be about?

Ren Jinguji: It's an ad for a travel agency. A boy with a broken heart embarks on a trip. Along the way, he meets a mysterious man who offers to send him back to the past.

Ren Jinguji: If you're wondering who's who, Cecil's the boy, and I'm the mystery man.

Tokiya Ichinose: Heartbreak, travel, and a strange man... Judging from that, I'm surprised you weren't cast the other way around.

Cecil Aijima: I was surprised too. But it's really fun to play against type for a change!

Ren Jinguji: It broadens your horizons as an actor for sure. I, for one, welcome the role of mystery man! It'll be fun to shoot on location, too.

Syo Kurusu: Where are they gonna do the shoot?

Cecil Aijima: It's a beautiful place with lots of fall color. We'll be hiking up a mountain and spending the night at a lodge there.

Natsuki Shinomiya: That sounds lovely! Bring back some nice souvenirs, 'kay?

Masato Hijirikawa: It's easy to lose your footing on those mountain paths. Not to mention the cold weather. You two had better take care of yourselves.

Episode 5

Tokiya Ichinose: This commercial of yours will be a big chance for ST☆RISH as a whole.

Cecil Aijima: What kind of chance?

Syo Kurusu: Oh! I know, I know! When you're in a TV show, people only watch it if they're already interested. But commercials get loads of exposure anyway.

Syo Kurusu: Meaning tons of people who don't know us will see it.

Masato Hijirikawa: It's an opportunity for us to extend our reach to potential new fans.

Cecil Aijima: In other words, the very fate of ST☆RISH itself rests on this commercial. Talk about responsibility...

Natsuki Shinomiya: Heheh! Don't stress yourself out. I know you two will do fine. We believe in you!

Otoya Ittoki: You can say that again! Just try to have fun, like always! And if more people get to know about ST☆RISH, that's just icing on the cake!

Ren Jinguji: But no matter how you slice it, we're representing ST☆RISH, so we'd better deliver. You with me, Cesshi?

Cecil Aijima: Yes! I'm really, really motivated now, guys! You can count on us!

Episode 6

Cecil Aijima: Fantastic! See that, Ren? The entire place is a sea of red leaves! What's the expression you used for that? "Killer hue," was it?

Ren Jinguji: Well, that's one way of putting it. But "killer view" is the one you want. On that note, how about a photo? You, me, and the perfect autumn backdrop.

Cecil Aijima: Sounds great! Let's send it to guys so they can enjoy the scenery too!

Cecil Aijima: I'll go ask one of the production staff to take the photo.

Ren Jinguji: Hold up, Cesshi. I got this. You just line up here, next to me.

Cecil Aijima: Thanks, Ren. You're a pro at everything! The photo turned out great.

Ren Jinguji: Then just hit "Send" and...done! Okay, let's hit that mountain trail! While savoring every step, of course.

Cecil Aijima: You got it! We are in the heart of nature, after all. It certainly fills you with the spirit of travel.

Episode 7

Cecil Aijima: Do you feel that? It's like walking on a fluffy red rug.

Ren Jinguji: I do indeed. The leaves seem to go on forever. I could stare at them for hours.

Cecil Aijima: I find Japan's four-season climate highly intriguing. With each turn of the season comes a new set of sights.

Cecil Aijima: Fall in particular. It's as if an enchantment was cast upon the forest, turning leaves to shades of red and yellow.

Ren Jinguji: Magic, eh? I guess I never thought of it that way. But the analogy suits you to a tee.

Cecil Aijima: I also hear the Japanese associate fall with specific activities. Do you know of any, Ren?

Ren Jinguji: I sure do. Let's see... There's reading, eating, even sports. Oh, and hitting the road is a big one.

Cecil Aijima: Hitting the road with what?

Ren Jinguji: You know, taking trips. With the post-summer drop in temperature, it's easier to spend time outside and, for instance, enjoy a great view like this.

Cecil Aijima: I'll say! I'll try "hitting the road" this fall too.

Episode 8

Ren Jinguji: Greetings, stranger. Did you come to this long-forgotten tourist site by yourself?

Cecil Aijima: Yes. And you?

Cecil Aijima: I'm sorry, Ren. Can we try that again?

Ren Jinguji: No need to apologize. But what gives? Something bothering you?

Cecil Aijima: I'm having trouble expressing myself in this scene. I'm trying my best to channel my emotions, but it's just not showing on my face.

Ren Jinguji: I see. That certainly is a hurdle. But maybe trying too hard is your problem. Overacting will actually hurt your performance, you know?

Cecil Aijima: Let's try it one more time, from the top. And can you pay attention to my expressions?

Ren Jinguji: Sure thing. Why don't you do the same? That way we can provide honest feedback about each other.

Episode 9

Ren Jinguji: Cesshi, say someone offered to take you back to the past using magic, for real. Would you say yes?

Cecil Aijima: Go back to the past... No, I'd have to decline.

Ren Jinguji: Wow, that answer came out pretty fast!

Cecil Aijima: If I went back to the past, there's no guarantee I could make it to this very point in the present. That would be sadder than I could bear.

Cecil Aijima: I treasure the present above all else, because I'm sharing it with the members of ST☆RISH. And the future we create together is bound to be even more special.

Ren Jinguji: I see. I'm sure that's what the boy in the commercial would have been thinking, too.

Cecil Aijima: I'd like to think so. And through a twist of fate on his journey, I'm sure he found the answer he was seeking.

Cecil Aijima: A chance encounter that heals the heart, jolting time back into motion... What a wonderful story.

Cecil Aijima: I'm really glad I was able to be in this commercial with you, Ren. It's been an honor to work towards the same goal and create something special.

Ren Jinguji: I agree! Let's see this journey of ours through together, Cesshi.

Episode 10

Ren Jinguji: And that's a wrap! You did great, Cesshi... Hey man, what's up? Something on your mind?

Cecil Aijima: Oh... Hi, Ren. I was thinking about our characters in the commercial. What do you think became of them?

Ren Jinguji: Let's see... Well, they decided to enjoy the rest of the trip, didn't they? The final scene had them smiling on the way to the waterfall.

Ren Jinguji: I think they'd have treasured the newfound friendship and walked off to a brighter future. At least, that's how I pictured it while acting.

Cecil Aijima: Thank goodness! We're of the same mind. Yes, I'm certain their story will have had a happy ending.

Cecil Aijima: You know, I heard that there is indeed a lovely waterfall nearby. Not unlike the one in the commercial, in fact. What say we go check it out?

Ren Jinguji: Great idea. Let's retread the paths of our fictional counterparts, shall we?

Cecil Aijima: Yes, let's go! We have a journey to enjoy, too, and a bright future on the horizon!


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