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Event Stories are provided as the plotlines for card-rewarding events. Event Story Episode is unlocked as a result of completing an Event Mission in a corresponding Event Type: Set List or Collection.
After the Event is finished, locked Episodes are available for unlocking using Event Story Pass, acquariable in the Memorial Bangle Exchange.

N/B: Event Stories are only available for card-rewarding Events (Set List & Collection) and special type of Events that are timed to World Wide Celebrations (Countdown Live & April Fool's Day). Score Battle Event doesn't follow a plotline.

2017, 2nd Half

Phantom Thief Otoyan's Activity Records / Otoyarsène Lupin: Chronicles of a Thief

Event1 Phantom Thief Otoyan's Activity Records.png

Detective Tokiyalock's Case Files / The Case Files of Tokilock Holmes
Event2 Detective Tokiyalock's Case Files.png

Viridian Crystal
Event3 Viridian Crystal.png

Autumn Memories
Event4 Autumn Memories.png

Hero of Justice: Light W. Wing / Hero of Justice: Lightwing
Event5 Hero of Justice Light W. Wing.png

A Growing Dark Rivalry: Dark W. Moon / Rival of Darkness: Darkmoon
Event6 A Growing Dark Rivalry Dark W. Moon.png

Crimson Crystal
Event7 Crimson Crystal.png

Lavender Crystal

Event8 Lavender Crystal.png
Shining Countdown Live 2017-2018

2018, 1st Half

Onmyouji Apprentice: Otoharu's Struggles

Event9 Onmyoji Apprentice Otosei's Struggles.png

Wandering Capriccio / Wandering Soul Blues
Event10 Wandering Capriccio.png

The Bewildered Soloist / The Confused Soloist
Event11 The Bewildered Soloist.png

Aqua Crystal
Event12 Aqua Crystal.png

Inspector Kurustin's Pursuit
Event13 Inspector Kurustin’s Pursuit.png

Professor Renarty's Scheme
Event13 Professor Renarty's Scheme.png

April Fools' Day: Other Memories

TRY NEW STAGE! side.CECIL / Shining Solo Series: Cecil
Event14 Shining Solo Series Cecil.png

TRY NEW STAGE! side.TOKIYA / Shining Solo Series: Tokiya
Event15 Shining Solo Series- Tokiya.png

No More to Say
Event16 No More to Say.png

No More Bets
Event17 No More Bets.png

TRY NEW STAGE! side.MASATO / Shining Solo Series: Masato
Event18 Shining Solo Series- Masato.png

Resolute March

Event19 Resolute March.png

2018, 2nd Half

Renegades in Unison

Event20 Renegades in Unison .png

Strawflowers Bloom at Night
Event21 StrawFlowers Bloom at Night.png

Steal Your Heart
Event22 Steal Your Heart.png

TRY NEW STAGE! side.REN / Shining Solo Series: Ren
Event23 Shining Solo Series- Ren.png

TRY NEW STAGE! side.OTOYA / Shining Solo Series: Otoya
Event24 Shining Solo Series- Otoya.jpg

TRY NEW STAGE! side.SYO / Shining Solo Series: Syo
Event25 Shining Solo Series- Syo.jpg

The Lure of Literature
Event26 The Lure of Literature.jpg

Picture-Perfect: Northland Trip
Event27 Picture - Perfect- Northland Trip.jpg

Picture-Perfect: Tropical Island Trip
Event28 Picture - Perfect- Tropical Island Trip.jpg

TRY NEW STAGE! side.NATSUKI / Shining Solo Series: Natsuki
Event29 Shining Solo Series- Natsuki.jpg

Winter Sports: Snowboarding
Event30 Winter Sports- Snowboarding.jpg

Winter Sports: Skiing

Event31 Winter Sports- Skiing.jpg
Shining Countdown Live 2018-2019

2019, 1st Half

Dawn Mountain Climbing Challenge

Event32 Dawn Mountain Climbing Challenge.jpg

World Travel Magazines: Spain
Event33 World Travel Magazines- Spain.jpg

Yokai Picture Scroll
Event34 Yokai Picture Scroll.jpg

The Mysterious Case of the Specter in the Night-Time
Event36 The Mysterious Case of the Specter in the Night-Time.jpg

Dreamy Aquarium
Event37 Dreamy Aquarium.jpg

Happy Hearts☆My Dear Doctor
Event38 Happy Hearts My Dear Doctor.jpg

Dream Star Live

Spring Memories
Event39 Spring Memories.jpg

Face Destiny
Event40 Face Destiny.jpg

Fateful Encounter
Event41 Fateful Encounter.jpg

World Travel Magazines: UK
Event42 World Travel Magazines- UK.jpg

An Appetizing Curry
Event43 An Appetizing Curry.jpg

Mystical Tour: Sleeper Express

Event44 Mystical Tour- Sleeper Express .jpg

2019, 2nd Half

Mystical Tour: Couriers

Event45 Mystical Tour- Couriers.jpg

Melody of Discord
Event46 Melody of Discord.jpg

Turbulent Symphony
Event47 Turbulent Symphony.jpg

Cast a Spell on Me
Event48 Cast a Spell on Me.jpg

Picture-Perfect: City Trip
Event49 Picture - Perfect- City Trip.jpg

Picture-Perfect: Trip to The Old Capital
Event50 Picture - Perfect- Trip to the Old Capital.jpg

Daring Attack
Event51 Daring Attack.jpg

Shining Star Live: Ai
Event52 Shining Star Live - Ai.jpg

World Travel Magazines: America
Event53 World Travel Magazines- America.jpg

Shining Star Live: Cecil
Event54 Shining Star Live - Cecil.jpg

Graceful Equestrian
Event55 Graceful Equestrian.jpg

Shining Star Live: Natsuki

Event56 Shining Star Live - Natsuki.jpg
Shining Countdown Live 2019-2020

2020, 1st Half

Heartwarming Snow Festival

Event57 Heartwarming Snow Festival.jpg

Shining Star Live: Masato
Event58 Shining Star Live - Masato.jpg

Magic On Your Fingertips
Event59 Magic On Your Fingertips.jpg

Shining Star Live: Ranmaru
Event60 Shining Star Live - Ranmaru.jpg

Clairvoyant Certification Exam
Event61 Clairvoyant Certification Exam.jpg

Shining Star Live: Tokiya
Event62 Shining Star Live - Tokiya.jpg


Until the Rain Stops
Event63 Until the Rain Stops.jpg

Shining Star Live: Reiji
Event64 Shining Star Live - Reiji.jpg

Desert Sea
Event65 Desert Sea.jpg

Shining Star Live: Camus
Event66 Shining Star Live - Camus.jpg

Flossflowers Bloom in the Garden
Event67 Flossflowers Bloom in the Garden.jpg

Shining Star Live: Ren

Event68 Shining Star Live - Ren.jpg

2020, 2nd Half

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