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Main Story is the general plot line of the game. Chapters are unlocked when certain requirements are met: e.g. completing the previous chapter and clearing a song that is introduced in the Chapter in any difficulty.
N/B: Episodes are unlocked by Main Story Pass that is rewarded to the user after leveling up, one pass per level.

Prologue: Shining Live

Introducing Shining Live—a mega-production featuring the entire Shining Productions cast of talent! ST☆RISH and QUARTET NIGHT take to the stage, delivering a thrilling welcome to their fans, followed by their signature smiles and songs!


Otoya Ittoki: Thanks for making it out to Shining Live! Alright, guys—everyone front and center!

Reiji Kotobuki: Now that the gang's all here, what do you say we give the fans a little self-intro?

Reiji Kotobuki: And who better to start than me? From QUARTET NIGHT, it's yours truly—Reiji Kotobuki!

Reiji Kotobuki: I can see all your beautiful smiles from here! I'm ready to ramp things up! You ready to keep pace?

Ranmaru Kurosaki: I'm Ranmaru Kurosaki. I can feel the energy in this arena—it's smoking!

Ranmaru Kurosaki: This is gonna be one wild ride, so get ready.

Ai Mikaze: Ai Mikaze here. I see you're all enjoying yourselves.

Ai Mikaze: Your surprise and happiness reaches us on the stage through your cheers, so let loose! C'mon, I can't hear you!

Camus: Camus, at your service, my ladies. You honor us all with your presence today. Thank you for attending.

Camus: I consider singing before you like this a privilege of the highest magnitude. Let us savor these precious moments together.

Otoya Ittoki: Representing ST☆RISH, I'm Otoya Ittoki! Thanks for coming out today, everyone!

Otoya Ittoki: My songs are my heart and soul, and I sing 'em loud and proud for you guys!

Masato Hijirikawa: I'm Masato Hijirikawa. I want to say how great it is to be here with all of you.

Masato Hijirikawa: And when you're happy, I'm happy. So let's make today one to remember! We've got plenty of fun in store for you.

Natsuki Shinomiya: Hello there, everyone! Natsuki Shinomiya here! It's a thrill to be talking to you guys from the stage like this.

Natsuki Shinomiya: No matter where I turn, it's smiles all around, and that's a happy sight to see! Let's make this a show for the history books!

Tokiya Ichinose: Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Tokiya Ichinose. Thanks for coming here and showing your support.

Tokiya Ichinose: Nothing makes me happier than spending this time with you, the fans. This place, this very moment, is ours. So let's have the time of our lives.

Ren Jinguji: Hey there, ladies. Ren Jinguji in the house! Man, can I feel the energy in all your voices!

Ren Jinguji: Let me repay the favor by sending some love, straight from my heart to yours.

Syo Kurusu: Syo Kurusu here! A huge thanks to all of you for raising the roof on this place!

Syo Kurusu: I should probably tell you to open up those eyes and ears, because the real show is about to begin!

Cecil Aijima: I'm Cecil Aijima. Thank you all for coming today.

Cecil Aijima: The time I share with you, my princesses, is the real jewel in my crown. Together we can spin the sweetest of melodies.

Reiji Kotobuki: Alright, it's time for me and the boys here to give you the next song!

Otoya Ittoki: Everyone here right now, you know the words to this one—Welcome to Uta☆Pri World!

Chapter 1: Shining Live Greenroom

With Shining Live safely behind them, the guys return to the greenroom. Still basking in the afterglow of their accomplishments, they talk about their future dreams and aspirations. Let's check in on them!


Episode 1

Otoya Ittoki: Were we seriously just performing on the Shining Live stage?! I must be dreaming! Someone pinch me!

Syo Kurusu: Tell me about it! The whole room was singing in unison like we were all connected. That was pretty cool!

Natsuki Shinomiya: With everyone waving their glow sticks like that, it was like a moving rainbow. Simply breathtaking!

Cecil Aijima: And their smiles... I could barely refrain from waving at every chance I got.

Ren Jinguji: You said it. That was a great show. I'm getting all emotional.

Masato Hijirikawa: I really had the jitters beforehand, but that all went away as soon as the crowd started singing along to our first song.

Tokiya Ichinose: Agreed. I mean, it wasn't without its hitches, but that show has to go down as one of our best.

Syo Kurusu: I almost forgot about Otoya's little mic malfunction during his solo. I thought I was gonna have a panic attack.

Ren Jinguji: Say, Ikki, you ended up sharing Icchi's headset, didn't you?

Otoya Ittoki: I kinda went blank when I lost my sound, but I saw Tokiya next to me and I guess I just improvised. It was heat of the moment stuff. I owe you one, Tokiya!

Tokiya Ichinose: I almost jumped out of my skin when you bolted over like that. But all's well that ends well, I suppose.

Masato Hijirikawa: Speaking of surprises, what were you doing exiting behind me, Aijima? You were supposed to be with Shinomiya on the other side of the stage.

Cecil Aijima: I was so engrossed in responding to the fans that I ended up following you by mistake...

Natsuki Shinomiya: And when Cecil sprinted over to me at full speed, I just couldn't help but receive him with a giant hug!

Episode 2

Tokiya Ichinose: I have to mention, performing alongside QUARTET NIGHT was an invaluable experience for ST☆RISH.

Otoya Ittoki: I'll say. Reiji was killing it out there. What a pro!

Cecil Aijima: Those guys really know how to deliver for the fans. I was getting goosebumps just watching from the sidelines.

Syo Kurusu: Then we have something to aim for! We need to push the envelope if we want the fans to keep enjoying our shows.

Syo Kurusu: Let's see... I'd like to give our dance moves a bit of acrobatic flair.

Cecil Aijima: I think choreography's a grand idea! I'll practice day and night to bring the smiles to my precious princesses!

Masato Hijirikawa: Pushing the envelope, eh? Well, I think I can devote myself to giving the fans what they really want.

Ren Jinguji: And I'd like to play the sax on stage. Call it my present of passion for the lovely ladies.

Otoya Ittoki: Now, that's a coincidence! I was just thinking how killer it'd be to play my guitar out there!

Tokiya Ichinose: As for me, I'd like to try singing some genres I've never tried before.

Natsuki Shinomiya: All great ideas, guys! Giving back to our fans through song... That's music to my ears!

Ren Jinguji: With everyone this pumped, the next Shining Live is bound to be a huge success.

Natsuki Shinomiya: We'll pull it off, I'm certain! That's because we put all our heart and soul in our ST☆RISH songs.

Masato Hijirikawa: Let's take ST☆RISH higher than it's ever been. Let's give the fans a performance unlike anything they've ever seen before.


Episode 1

Reiji Kotobuki: Gotta hand it to you, boys, that was a mighty fine QUARTET NIGHT show. It was darn good exercise too.

Reiji Kotobuki: Did you hear those cheers? I've never been so touched before! That chant they had going at the end was—

Ai Mikaze: Would you listen to yourself, Reiji? Weren't you the one who suggested we give an objective review of our performance? So let's do it properly.

Reiji Kotobuki: Oh, er, sorry. Okay, I'm ready to get serious. How do you feel today's Shining Live went?

Ai Mikaze: The crowd was really into it. Still, considering our past performances, we can do better.

Camus: Indeed. I thought we all gave immaculate individual performances, but as a group we left something to be desired.

Ranmaru Kurosaki: You're right. I felt I gave it my all. But QUARTET NIGHT is much more than that.

Ranmaru Kurosaki: When we were singing in harmony, the whole place went wild. Energy like that is rare.

Ai Mikaze: Exactly. I felt it too. The smiles, the cheers... I was moved to the core.

Ranmaru Kurosaki: Well, hopefully that's just the start of it. But if you wanna see more of that, you know what we gotta do, right?

Camus: Indeed. There was a moment where I felt the exact same thing.

Reiji Kotobuki: Then, it's settled. Let's take QUARTET NIGHT straight to the top. I'm stoked now!

Camus: Obnoxious is what you are...

Episode 2

Reiji Kotobuki: Still, I gotta hand it to those ST☆RISH guys. They just get better with each show.

Ranmaru Kurosaki: They're rough around the edges, but they ain't bad. They've got it where it counts.

Ai Mikaze: Their rate of growth is off the scale. Very intriguing...

Camus: I'd say they lack a little control and they're rather raw, but that just exemplifies their potential.

Reiji Kotobuki: For me, they need to put more effort into their teamwork. That's where we could really show those whippersnappers a thing or two!

Camus: Quite. Though there's no guarantee we'll be performing as a group next time.

Ai Mikaze: He's right. Depending on how things go, we could all be taking to the stage solo.

Ranmaru Kurosaki: Well whichever it is, I'll be worrying about one thing and one thing only—my performance. You guys feel free to do whatever.

Reiji Kotobuki: Aw, c'mon! Whatever happened to "us," man?! Anyway, I propose a toast!

Camus: Must you do everything at maximum volume? By the way, have they brought the sweets out yet?

Ranmaru Kurosaki: What're we toasting to again?

Ai Mikaze: To QUARTET NIGHT, it would seem. Cheers!

Chapter 2: Shining☆Radio

Welcome to the Shining☆Radio, everyone's favorite webshow hosted by a rotating roster of Shining Productions' hottest personalities! Listen to new songs and even discuss your troubles on "Ask and Idol Anything!" At Shining☆Radio, you're never short on exciting content!

Reiji, Otoya, Tokiya

Episode 1

Reiji, Otoya, Tokiya: It's time for Shining☆Radio with Reiji, Otoya, and Tokiya!

Otoya Ittoki: Greetings, folks. I'm Otoya Ittoki, your host for today's show. And joining me are Tokiya and Rei.

Tokiya Ichinose: Tokiya Ichinose here. Thanks for tuning in. The three of us have an outstanding show in store for you guys.

Reiji Kotobuki: Reiji Kotobuki reporting in! Today's show will be absolutely sizzling. Consider it a present for all you special girls out there.

Otoya Ittoki: Our first topic is Shining Live, which took place recently. As you all know, Shining Live is a concert showcasing the top talent in Shining Productions.

Tokiya Ichinose: But we couldn't take all the credit. The agency staff was also hard at work behind the scenes, and boy did their efforts make the difference.

Reiji Kotobuki: ST☆RISH really raised the roof this time. Tokki, your dance sequence with Otoyan set the crowd on fire!

Otoya Ittoki: Thanks, Reiji! I could tell Tokiya was moved to tears when we said goodbye at the end. Those cheers must've really got to him.

Tokiya Ichinose: I think you were hearing things. Seeing, on the other hand, is believing—and I saw you bury your face in a towel for a while after the show, Otoya!

Otoya Ittoki: Some sweat got in my eye, okay?!

Reiji Kotobuki: Yeah, sure it did. You two are just so innocent, you know that?

Tokiya Ichinose: Moving swiftly on, QUARTET NIGHT also gave a stellar performance. From the singing to the dancing, everything was slick and professional.

Otoya Ittoki: I'll say! They were all in perfect sync.

Tokiya Ichinose: Considering his off-stage demeanor, you wouldn't think Kotobuki would be capable of holding himself so calmly, but the crowd was entranced.

Reiji Kotobuki: Excuse me? I'm cool as a cucumber 24/7. And I'm totally mature to boot! But jokes aside, the entire show was on another level.

Reiji Kotobuki: Personally, I'm looking forward to spending even more quality time with the fans. You should all expect new and exciting things from QUARTET NIGHT!

Tokiya Ichinose: We'll be doubling our efforts from now on, so we'll need everyone's continued support.

Otoya Ittoki: What he said. The next time we take to the stage, it's gonna be historic!

Otoya Ittoki: Whoa, look at the time! We have to do today's song! This one features all three of us.

Reiji Kotobuki: Might as well announce it together. Whaddaya say? On one, two, three...

Reiji, Otoya, Tokiya: Gamushara Roman☆Tic!

Episode 2

Tokiya Ichinose: That was Gamushara Roman☆Tic. Such an energetic song that really lets our personal touches shine through. Hope you all liked it.

Reiji Kotobuki: Ditto on the energy. I get so pumped when we sing as a trio! I feel like I'm on top of the world!

Otoya Ittoki: I love this song, and I hope our listeners do too. It's got real intensity to it.

Tokiya Ichinose: I'm sure we could talk about music until the cows come home, but it's time for the next segment, Ask an Idol Anything!

Reiji Kotobuki: Today's listener asks, "I want a boyfriend. What should I do?" Wow! Batter up, boys, 'cause we need to hit this one outta the park!

Tokiya Ichinose: Relationship advice, eh? Well that's a real curve ball.

Otoya Ittoki: Lemme think... Well, you've gotta go out and do stuff for a start. Ups the chances of finding someone you click with.

Reiji Kotobuki: Try not to overthink it, don't get frustrated, and in no time at all things will have taken their natural course. Love takes on many different forms.

Tokiya Ichinose: That's so true. Give it time and a great guy for you will turn up. So until then, why not focus on making yourself the perfect catch?

Otoya Ittoki: Okay, gents, let's go around and wish all our listeners a happy love life. I'll go first.

Otoya Ittoki: It must be great to fall in love. I hope the love you find will make every day happier than the last. Good luck!

Tokiya Ichinose: Treat each new meeting as a gift. Then, before you know it, love will have taken root in your heart.

Reiji Kotobuki: How's this for advice—why not fall in love with me? You won't regret it, I promise!

Otoya Ittoki: You sure have an interesting interpretation of "advice," Rei...

Tokiya Ichinose: Honestly, Reiji, can't you just be serious for once?

Reiji Kotobuki: C'mon, all I'm saying is that I want their support! Anyway, that about does it for Ask an Idol Anything!

Episode 3

Reiji Kotobuki: And that's just about all we have time for on today's edition of Shining☆Radio. Oh, the humanity!

Otoya Ittoki: It's time already? I guess the minutes turn to seconds when the three of us start talking.

Reiji Kotobuki: I'll say. I was hoping to unload a bunch of behind-the-scenes stories.

Tokiya Ichinose: Not on the radio, please. I get the feeling that would do more harm than good.

Reiji Kotobuki: No, no! Tokki, you got me all wrong! Otoyan, you know what I mean, right?

Otoya Ittoki: Erm, uh... Those kinda stories are great n'all, but I'd rather talk about other stuff, like songs and whatnot!

Otoya Ittoki: I dunno about you guys, but listening to Gamushara Roman☆Tic really got me in the mood to sing!

Reiji Kotobuki: Ooh, I like where this is going. Should we give the listeners an encore?

Tokiya Ichinose: I appreciate the enthusiasm, guys, but we're almost out of time. Why don't we say our farewells and bow out. Kotobuki, would you do us the honor of going first?

Reiji Kotobuki: I hate saying goodbye, but that was a riot. I hope you all enjoyed the show. We'll keep singing as long as you keep listening.

Otoya Ittoki: A giant thanks to everyone who tuned in today. Our songs are there to put a smile on your face, so we're gonna keep at it 100%.

Tokiya Ichinose: We have a lot of refreshing new ideas in the pipeline, so there's plenty to look forward to. Until we meet again.

Masato, Ren, Ranmaru

Episode 1

Ranmaru, Masato, Ren: It's time for Shining☆Radio, with your hosts Ranmaru, Masato, and Ren!

Ren Jinguji: Good evening, ladies, Ren Jinguji here.

Ranmaru Kurosaki: Ranmaru Kurosaki.

Masato Hijirikawa: And I'm Masato Hijirikawa. It's only a short show, but we're here to make sure it's packed with fun content. Let's kick things off, shall we?

Ranmaru Kurosaki: Wow, Masato, someone's pumped today.

Ren Jinguji: He's just happy to be working with you, Ran.

Masato Hijirikawa: This is such a great opportunity, I just want to make it a show to remember.

Ranmaru Kurosaki: Well, I get that you wanna do you best, but you might wanna tone it down a little.

Masato Hijirikawa: You got it! Okay, our first topic of the day is Shining Live.

Masato Hijirikawa: Shining Live is the ultimate stage show featuring all the talent Shining Productions has to offer. ST☆RISH made its debut at the last one.

Ren Jinguji: Any of you ladies make it out to see us? I hope you enjoyed yourselves if you did.

Ranmaru Kurosaki: It's not often we get to do a show on that scale. I felt a little out of my comfort zone, but I still put my heart and soul into the songs.

Masato Hijirikawa: You really know how to work the stage. The singing, dancing...all top-notch. You really got the crowd going!

Ren Jinguji: You sure did. Plus, each QUARTET NIGHT member stood out in their own way while maintaining that trademark harmony. I thought you did a great job.

Ranmaru Kurosaki: It was all right, I guess. But you guys really got the crowd pumping. I was watching.

Masato Hijirikawa: Thanks!

Ren Jinguji: Thanks, Ran. Though, I'm not sure if he was nervous or what, but Hijirikawa's ad-libbing really messed up my flow.

Masato Hijirikawa: If anyone messed things up, it was you. What were you doing when we were supposed to gather in center stage? I almost had a panic attack.

Ren Jinguji: Hey, the ladies were chanting my name. I was busy reciprocating. And anyway, I made it there in time, didn't I?

Ranmaru Kurosaki: Quit the squabbling, guys. All that matters is that the audience had a great time.

Masato Hijirikawa: Yeah, you're right, Kurosaki. Sorry. And for everyone who couldn't make it this time, I hope we get to see you at a future show.

Ren Jinguji: Oops, almost missed our cue for today's song.

Ranmaru Kurosaki: This one is sung by the three of us.

Masato Hijirikawa: Without further ado, this is...

Ranmaru, Masato, Ren: Dream More Than Love!

Episode 2

Masato Hijirikawa: And that was Dream More Than Love.

Ren Jinguji: We always get emotional listening to that. We sang the heck outta that song, didn't we, guys?

Ranmaru Kurosaki: Sure did. It's packed full of feeling with some great rock vibes.

Masato Hijirikawa: I learned a lot working on this song. I really hope we can do another one somewhere down the line. But I've got a lot to improve on before I'm ready.

Masato Hijirikawa: Next up we have Ask an Idol Anything. If you've got a problem, we'll do our best to solve it for you!

Ren Jinguji: Today's listless listener asks, "What's the secret to a successful diet?"

Masato Hijirikawa: With any diet, the most important thing is staying healthy. That's why I recommend a low-calorie menu with high nutritional value, like Japanese food.

Ren Jinguji: For me, the key is not to push yourself too hard. The best smile is a natural one, after all.

Ranmaru Kurosaki: Ren, I don't think an answer like that is gonna be much help.

Masato Hijirikawa: Really? Sorry, but that's just my honest opinion.

Ranmaru Kurosaki: Useless... For me, it's all about exercise. Even if the going gets tough, you gotta set goals and achieve them. Today's impossible is tomorrow's possible.

Masato Hijirikawa: Three very different views there. So to sum up—watch what you eat, don't push yourself, and exercise.

Ranmaru Kurosaki: You just gotta do what works best for you.

Ren Jinguji: Sound advice there. Okay, let's go round the table and get some words of encouragement.

Ren Jinguji: You look so beautiful when you have a goal to work towards, but I'm still looking forward to seeing the new and improved you.

Masato Hijirikawa: If you can stay motivated, your efforts will always pay off.

Ranmaru Kurosaki: Don't give up. As long as that box is checked, you'll do fine. You've gotta keep feeding that drive to succeed.

Ren Jinguji: So now you know you've got our undivided support. Okay, that does it for today's Ask an Idol Anything.

Episode 3

Masato Hijirikawa: Seems the show is almost at an end. Just where does the time go?

Ren Jinguji: I don't think we talked nearly enough. There's no way the ladies can be satisfied. We'd have to keep talking all night for that.

Masato Hijirikawa: Yeah, that's not happening. Still, I do wish we had more time to chat for the fans, so we're on the same page there.

Ranmaru Kurosaki: Nah, it's better to leave the audience wanting more. Builds the excitement for next time, y'know?

Ren Jinguji: I guess you're right. Now I really wanna do another show with you two. In the meantime, I'll be stocking up on juicy gossip about Ran.

Ranmaru Kurosaki: You better be joking.

Ren Jinguji: Of course I am, haha!

Ranmaru Kurosaki: All right, let's not drag this out any longer. We should bow out gracefully.

Masato Hijirikawa: Well said. I'll go first.

Masato Hijirikawa: I want to give a huge thanks to each and every one of our listeners. We've still got a long way to go, but your support means the world to us.

Ren Jinguji: Today's show might be over, but our connection never stops. If you get lonely, just remember my voice. Much love.

Ranmaru Kurosaki: Thanks for sticking with us till the end. Expect plenty more fun the next time we meet. Peace out!

Ai, Natsuki, Syo

Episode 1

Ai, Syo, Natsuki: Hello and welcome to Shining☆Radio with your hosts Ai, Syo, and Natsuki!

Natsuki Shinomiya: Hello world, this is Natsuki Shinomiya. You're in for a treat, as today's episode will be hosted by all three of us!

Syo Kurusu: Yo, yo! Syo Kurusu here and man am I ready to talk! I just hope you're all ready to listen, 'cos there's no tuning out halfway, okay?

Ai Mikaze: Good evening. Ai Mikaze here. Glad to be on-board. Say, it's been a while since the three of us did anything together for the fans.

Syo Kurusu: True. Though we do hang out quite a bit in our spare time. I guess our last official outing was Shining Live.

Ai Mikaze: I guess so. And we didn't have much time to talk then, since we were performing in our respective groups.

Natsuki Shinomiya: I have to hand it to you, Ai, you were fab on stage. And those smoke and snow effects were just sublime. It was almost magical!

Natsuki Shinomiya: You weren't too bad yourself, Syo, hopping and running all over the stage. Kind of like an adorable little animal.

Syo Kurusu: Adorable? Little?! Don't you start! My dancing isn't adorable at all, it's cool!

Ai Mikaze: I don't think you get to decide how others view you.

Syo Kurusu: B-But... A-Anyway, I have to agree with you on one thing, Natsuki. Ai and QUARTET NIGHT gave an incredible performance that left us all reeling.

Syo Kurusu: Not to toot my own horn, but ST☆RISH was in flawless sync. Practice makes perfect, eh? We were crashing into each other like headless chickens before!

Ai Mikaze: I won't argue with you there. All seven of you have made considerable progress. Your dancing in particular, Syo, is a lot more dynamic.

Ai Mikaze: And Natsuki, you nailed that call-and-response sequence. And the joint choreography with Syo was spot-on. Seeing the fans waving their towels... Memorable.

Natsuki Shinomiya: I appreciate the compliment, Ai. You're right, nothing beats having fun with the fans. It's just the best feeling!

Syo Kurusu: But we were only half the show. It was the passion of the fans that made the thing a rocking success. Your cheers kindle my fire, guys!

Ai Mikaze: Okay, we might have to end the chit-chat there because it's time for today's song. And the title is...

Natsuki Shinomiya: Wait a sec, Ai. How about we all say it together?

Ai Mikaze: Together?

Syo Kurusu: That's a great idea! We sang the song as a trio, after all. On three, guys! Ready?

Ai Mikaze: Oh, fine. Natsuki, you say the count.

Natsuki Shinomiya: Gladly! Friends at home, prepare those ears! One, two, three...

Ai, Syo , Natsuki: Triangle Beat!

Episode 2

Syo Kurusu: That was Triangle Beat.

Natsuki Shinomiya: It's such an energetic song! I can't help but move to the beat every time I hear it.

Syo Kurusu: I saw you tapping out the rhythm while the song was playing.

Ai Mikaze: You seem to enjoy everything you do, Natsuki, but you're also a little unpredictable. It makes you very interesting to watch.

Natsuki Shinomiya: Ooh, was that a compliment?

Syo Kurusu: I don't think so... Well, whatever. On to the next segment, Ask an Idol Anything!

Ai Mikaze: This is where the fans send in their problems and we offer our advice.

Syo Kurusu: Here goes. "I've got a bad case of the pre-test jitters. Is there anything I can do to relax?" Ooh, tests. Yeah, those'll get the butterflies going for sure.

Natsuki Shinomiya: Remember those graduation auditions at Saotome Academy? Talk about tough! Still, they were good times.

Ai Mikaze: My advice is to stick to a schedule. Sleep well and eat well—that'll keep you mentally fresh. You'll also want to make sure you don't get sick.

Natsuki Shinomiya: If you find yourself panicking, I suggest taking a break with some tea and snacks. I recommend Darjeeling or chamomile.

Syo Kurusu: I get nervous before a gig, but the adrenaline helps me tap into energy I wouldn't be able to otherwise. Bottom line—believe in yourself and go all out!

Ai Mikaze: I think that's all the advice we can give. Before we go, we'd each like to leave you with a personal message of inspiration.

Syo Kurusu: You get back what you put in. Simple as that. So keep going strong, right till the end.

Natsuki Shinomiya: You know, I can see you in my mind's eye, hard at work, and you're positively glowing! So keep it up. I'm rooting for you.

Ai Mikaze: Never abandon your dreams. Keep pushing on and good things will follow. Your future will never let you down.

Syo Kurusu: Okay, that about wraps it up for today's Ask an Idol Anything. Just remember that whenever you need advice, you needn't look any further!

Episode 3

Syo Kurusu: Out of time already? That was over quickly. Still, I'm surprised how much we talked.

Natsuki Shinomiya: Well, I had a ball. But what about you listeners out there? Come to think of it, I'm getting hungry...

Ai Mikaze: Natsuki, we're still on air.

Natsuki Shinomiya: Sorry. All that talk about tea time got my appetite going.

Syo Kurusu: Now that you mention it, I'm famished. Wanna grab a bite to eat somewhere, all three of us?

Natsuki Shinomiya: That sounds splendid, Syo! I actually found this place with fabulous tea. What do you say we go there?

Ai Mikaze: Um, guys? We're still on air?

Syo Kurusu: Don't be a killjoy, Ai. Hey, I know! Later, let's post on social media about the tea place from the radio show account. The fans'd love that!

Ai Mikaze: Oh, a review of sorts. Yeah, that could work. People are always looking for info on good eateries.

Natsuki Shinomiya: Yay! Then it's settled! The fans have a rocking review to look forward to now!

Ai Mikaze: Well, it's about time to sign off, guys. Any final words?

Syo Kurusu: Thanks for listening, everyone. You're the best.

Natsuki Shinomiya: I hope we can all chat like this again real soon. I'm pulling out the stops to make sure it happens!

Ai Mikaze: Your support truly is the greatest gift. Until next time.

Camus, Cecil

Episode 1

Camus, Cecil: Welcome to Shining☆Radio, with your hosts Camus and Cecil!

Camus: To all the ladies across the land, good day. It is I, Camus, your humble servant and presenter.

Cecil Aijima: And I'm Cecil Aijima.

Camus: Cecil, you are aware this is a radio show? Our listeners cannot see you bowing.

Cecil Aijima: You're right! That's a shame. I do wish I could see
everyone's faces right now.

Cecil Aijima: I had a wonderful time meeting so many of you at our last Shining Live!

Cecil Aijima: I felt a connection with everyone there. I wouldn't have minded staying on stage forever!

Camus: I would concur. We always try our utmost to give the fans the very best experience.

Camus: So for those that don't know, Shining Live is a show featuring all the talent from Shining Productions. Each and every member works diligently to prepare.

Camus: And though it was their first time, ST☆RISH gave a bold performance. I'm sure all the lovely ladies were thrilled. Good show, boys.

Camus: Your sonorous voice and fluid mastery of the complex choreography was especially impressive, Cecil.

Cecil Aijima: I-It was? ...Are you felling all right, Camus? Do you have a fever? Or could this be an omen for some terrible natural disaster?!

Camus: Your agitation is unwarranted. I was merely stating my honest, unfiltered opinion, with which I am certain our listeners would agree.

Cecil Aijima: Oh, well, it's just that it's rare to get a compliment from you. It's a miracle, even. A Shining Live miracle!

Cecil Aijima: Speaking of which, QUARTET NIGHT delivered a jaw-dropping performance. You were radiant as always, Camus.

Camus: Thank you. QUARTET NIGHT will continue to strive for greater heights so that we may deliver bliss untold to our fans everywhere.

Camus: And on that note, I believe it is time for today's song. Let its notes sooth you to the soul, my ladies. Cecil, are you ready?

Cecil Aijima: Yes, I am! This is a duet featuring Camus and myself. We hope you enjoy...

Camus, Cecil: NorthWind and SunShine.

Episode 2

Camus: That was NorthWind and SunShine. How did you like it?

Cecil Aijima: That song has a special place in our hearts as it's a blend of both our unique musical personalities. I hope you enjoyed it!

Camus: Indeed. Shall we proceed to the next segment? Ladies, it's time for Ask an Idol Anything.

Cecil Aijima: Here we listen to your troubles and, you guessed it, help you work them out!

Camus: Our concerned lady this time asks, "I had a fight with my friend. What can I do to make up with her?"

Cecil Aijima: Fights are never pleasant. Perhaps we can think of a good way to bring things around.

Camus: I find it's best to take the initiative. You have to muster the courage to approach your friend first, then tell her your honest feelings.

Cecil Aijima: Being honest is important, but certainly not easy. Come to think of it, Camus and I butt heads quite often.

Camus: ...

Cecil Aijima: If you're looking for a way to open up, then how about singing a song together?

Cecil Aijima: Pouring your hearts into a song can help sooth both parties, and that could open the door to reconciliation.

Camus: A splendid idea. Let down your defenses and sing an old favorite together. And if you should choose one of our songs, what an honor it would be.

Camus: There's your answer—resolution and mutual understanding through the power of song. I hope you find this helpful.

Camus: We're both sure your friendship will find brighter times henceforth.

Cecil Aijima: I have an idea. How about we give our listener some words of encouragement? Something that will help her take that tricky first step?

Camus: A capital idea. Cecil, you may have the honor of going first.

Cecil Aijima: Whenever you're not sure of yourself, just listen to our music. And remember—we're singing for you. So chin up!

Camus: Cast away your doubts and proceed boldly forward, my lady. I shall be at your side always.

Cecil Aijima: I really hope she can work it out. Okay, that was today's installment of Ask an Idol Anything!

Episode 3

Camus: And on that note, it's almost time for our show to draw to a reluctant close.

Cecil Aijima: Already? But I could go on for hours!

Camus: There is an inevitable end to all things. And rightly so—it makes the hard work worthwhile.

Cecil Aijima: Wow, so true. Well, I suppose that's it for today. Saying goodbye is never easy, but we just hope we put some smiles on a few faces.

Camus: As always, we thank you lovely ladies for the precious gift of your undivided attention.

Camus: Spending time with you is the greatest joy I know.

Cecil Aijima: I had a splendid time myself! But that's not all—I came up with a new goal.

Camus: A new goal, you say?

Cecil Aijima: That's right. The next time we chat with the fans on air, I'll be in the lead host role!

Camus: Lofty ambitions for a young lad. If you think you're capable, then I'd love to see you try.

Cecil Aijima: I can tell you don't believe me, but you should watch yourself, Camus. I might just surprise you.

Camus: Oh you will, will you? Then I had best steel myself for the impending shock. Shall we sign off then?

Camus: This concludes today's edition of Shining☆Radio. I've been your host, Camus.

Cecil Aijima: And I was your co-host, Cecil Aijima. Until next time!

Chapter 3: Club Shining

It's Shining TV, the official channel of Shining Productions! The newest show, "Club Shining," flings your favorite idols into variety of real-life situations. Watch as they host a broad range of entertainment while grouped in interesting combinations. For this next outing, ST☆RISH and QUARTET NIGHT split into two teams to organize house parties! Can they throw the ultimate soirée while staying on budget?

Otoya, Camus, Reiji, Natsuki, Masato

Episode 1

All: Welcome to Club Shining!

Otoya Ittoki: This show is brought to you by Shining Productions' official channel, Shining TV! What's up, viewers?

Masato Hijirikawa: Club Shining is a variety show that puts us in real-life situations. These shows all the rage right now!

Natsuki Shinomiya: The activity the five of us will attempt is written on this board. Shall we take a closer look?

Camus: It seems our theme today is "house party." Then, let our gathering be one so grand, the fair ladies at home will feel they are right here with us.

Otoya Ittoki: First, we need to decide our budget. Apparently, we roll this oversize die and the number decides how much dough we get.

Reiji Kotobuki: Well, if we're doing a party, may as well do it hearty! C'mon, Lady Luck, I'm countin' on ya!

Masato Hijirikawa: The scope of the party rests on this single, crucial throw. We need to choose the thrower very carefu—

Natsuki Shinomiya: Ooh, what an enormous die! Here goes!

Otoya Ittoki: N-Natsuki!

Reiji Kotobuki: Hey, he rolled a six! Can't go higher than that! Nice throw, Nattsun!

Masato Hijirikawa: Go figure. I guess not trying is the best option sometimes. Thanks, Shinomiya. That really opens up our options!

Natsuki Shinomiya: Hey, if you're happy, then so am I. Now, let's start getting ready.

Reiji Kotobuki: All right, me, Myu, and Hijirin are on food duty. Good eats, ahoy!

Natsuki Shinomiya: I think you're forgetting about someone...

Otoya Ittoki: Er, uh... Why don't you help me with the party games, Natsuki? Got any ideas for some exciting things to play?

Natsuki Shinomiya: Exciting games, eh? With this many people, there are plenty of great games to choose from.

Camus: I propose a menu that goes well with tea—chiffon cake, Mont Blanc, madeleines, fruit tarts—

Reiji Kotobuki: Hold your royal horses, Myu. Those are all desserts. ALL of 'em!

Camus: And you object? Very well. I suppose I can let someone else decide the main course.

Masato Hijirikawa: In that case, I must insist I take care of the main dish. As long as we cooperate, I'm sure we'll have a great party.

Episode 2

Otoya Ittoki: Wowee. There's pizza, fried chicken, potato salad... Heck, we've even got sushi rolls! Let's dig in! Mm, this is delish!

Masato Hijirikawa: I'm glad you're happy. Makes it all worth the effort. Though I have to say, Kotobuki fried that chicken like a consummate pro.

Reiji Kotobuki: I'm just amazed you managed to rustle up so much food in such a short time. I mean, this is some feast!

Natsuki Shinomiya: And don't forget dessert. This Swiss roll is just so good. I'm guessing you picked this out, Mister Myu?

Camus: Indeed I did—from a nice little place I frequent, no less. You won't find this melt-in-the-mouth sweetness anywhere else.

Reiji Kotobuki: While we chow down, why don't we get that game going? Otoyan, Nattsun, over to you.

Otoya Ittoki: You'll like this. It's kind of our take on "truth or dare"—but without the truth! We start by drawing numbers...

Otoya Ittoki: Everyone got one?

Otoya Ittoki: Ooh, I'll be the one doling out the dare for this round.
What's a good one, I wonder...

Reiji Kotobuki: I've got a feeling you might be too nice for this game, Otoyan. You've gotta go power crazy for the best effect.

Otoya Ittoki: Power crazy, huh...? Okay, who's got number four? I dare you to give me a massage. Right here, on the shoulders.

Masato Hijirikawa: That would be me. Okay, one shoulder massage, coming up.

Otoya Ittoki: Pfff... Bwahaha! Stop it, that tickles! C'mon, quit it, Masa! Ahaha!

Masato Hijirikawa: Would you stop squirming, Ittoki?! My gramps said this strength was perfect. Weird how you'd find it ticklish...

Otoya Ittoki: Ahaha... I laughed so hard, I think I pulled something...

Natsuki Shinomiya: Looks like you enjoyed yourself there, Otoya! Well, time for another round.

Natsuki Shinomiya: Draw those numbers!

Camus: What an honor. It would appear it's my turn to give the dare.

Camus: Alas, while I know this is just a game, I am not accustomed to ordering others. Two, prepare me some tea...while carrying three on your back.

Natsuki Shinomiya: Three's me. So who's the poor sap giving me a piggyback ride?

Reiji Kotobuki: Number two, right here! Good thing I'm a bit of a gym monkey. Hop on then, Nattsun! Don't be shy!

Natsuki Shinomiya: If you say so...

Reiji Kotobuki: Urngh...! Sheesh, Natsuki, just how much did you eat? I think I've got my work cut out...

Natsuki Shinomiya: You okay down there, Reiji? I'm a whiz at making tea, so I'll guide you from behind. Ask me anything.

Camus: Unfortunately, no amount of advice will stop his hands from shaking. How can you expect to pour tea when you can't control your own body?

Masato Hijirikawa: Ooh, this is getting pretty tense.

Otoya Ittoki: Tense? I'll say. For Reiji, anyway.

Reiji Kotobuki: MRRRRMGRAH!!! this...!

Reiji Kotobuki: G-Glad to hear it... But this time, I'm gonna dish out the dares! Where're those numbers? Let's go another round!

Otoya Ittoki: Hold on a sec, Rei... Yeah, the director's saying no round three.

Camus: Unfortunately, my fair ladies, that is all the time we have for today. I hope you enjoyed our little party.

Masato Hijirikawa: Thanks for watching, everyone! Hope you'll tune in next time.

Reiji Kotobuki: Y-You're kidding! Where's my sweet revenge?!

Natsuki Shinomiya: See you again!

Tokiya, Ren, Syo, Cecil, Ranmaru, Ai

Episode 1

Syo Kurusu: Welcome to Shining Productions' official channel, Shining TV! It's time for your favorite variety show that puts us in real-life situations!

Tokiya Ichinose: That's right. It's the six of us versus whatever the producers have in store!

Cecil Aijima: Does that sound like fun to you guys? I'm sure it does! I wonder what today's challenge could be.

Ren Jinguji: Let's flip this board and find out. And today's trial is...

Cecil Aijima: A house party? I suppose that means with all of us together. How delightful!

Ranmaru Kurosaki: First we decide the budget. Apparently, we use this die, and the number we get decides how much money we can throw at this thing.

Ai Mikaze: A six gets the most money, a one gets the least. Any volunteers to throw? It's a pretty big responsibility.

Syo Kurusu: Ooh! Me! Me! I'll nail a six, no problemo! C'mon.

Syo Kurusu: show me the money!

Syo Kurusu: See, I told you I'd roll a...ONE?!

Tokiya Ichinose: I knew it.

Ai Mikaze: Interesting twist. It should make for some great viewing, at least. Good one, Syo.

Syo Kurusu: S-Sorry, fellas...

Cecil Aijima: That's okay. Effort trumps money any day. Our party will be terrific no matter what.

Ranmaru Kurosaki: Well said, kid. We just gotta trim the fat is all. Tokiya, you think up a thrifty menu.

Tokiya Ichinose: Sure thing. But with six of us, we'll need a considerable amount of food...

Ai Mikaze: I'll take care of the decorations and music. A good party needs just the right ambiance.

Ren Jinguji: We're counting on you there, Aimi. Cesshi, why don't we head the entertainment? You can help too, Shorty.

Cecil Aijima: Fantastic! When it comes to games, the more the merrier, I say. Ren, Syo, I hope you've got some ideas.

Syo Kurusu: S-Sure! We'll come up with something so good that everyone'll forget I rolled that one! ...I hope.

Ai Mikaze: Everyone, raise your glasses and let's kick this party off. Cheers!

Cecil Aijima: You have a great taste in music, Ai. Your selection has just the right energy and rhythm for a party.

Ai Mikaze: Glad you like it. A party needs an up-tempo playlist to really set the mood.

Syo Kurusu: And this food! It's outta this world! How'd you guys make so much?

Tokiya Ichinose: It's all Kurosaki. He happens to know quite a few money-saving recipes.

Ranmaru Kurosaki: I'd have liked more meat myself, but this'll fill you up just fine.

Ren Jinguji: Great job, Icchi and Ran! If we had any ladies here, I'm sure they'd be really impressed with this spread.

Tokiya Ichinose: Thank you, Ren. Say, now might be a good time to start up the game, don't you think? Games are a party staple, after all.

Ren Jinguji: Don't I know it! Okay, this game boasts simplicity and depth! But first, lay your eyes on these...

Episode 2

Syo Kurusu: Ta-da! They're cards! We made 'em ourselves. Pretty cool, huh?

Ai Mikaze: They're very colorful and so well made. You really went to a lot of trouble with these.

Cecil Aijima: Sure did! Glad you like them. There's 53 in total, so it's a full deck. Anyway, how should we do this?

Ren Jinguji: I say we make two teams, three on three. You get more points for finishing sooner, and the team with the most points wins.

Syo Kurusu: Ooh, teams! That sounds fun. Let's choose sides with rock, paper, scissors. That's the fairest way. Okay, rock, paper, scissors!

Tokiya Ichinose: Okay, that means Ren and Mikaze are with me. Let's win this, guys!

Cecil Aijima: Ranmaru, Syo, I guess that means we're together. You guys ready?

Ranmaru Kurosaki: I was born ready. Let's send 'em packing. Someone hurry up and deal.

Syo Kurusu: Darn it, last place again!

Tokiya Ichinose: Whenever Syo's got a joker, his eyes get all twitchy. You can read him like an open book.

Ren Jinguji: Yeah, and when someone's about to pull a joker from him, his eyes just light right up. Heh, heh.

Syo Kurusu: Q-Quit ragging on me! Sheesh.

Ai Mikaze: I tallied up the points and it looks like it's a tie. What'll we play next?

Ren Jinguji: Anyone up for poker? It's a game that requires real skill that can turn on its head in an instant.

Ranmaru Kurosaki: I like the sound of that. You're on.

Cecil Aijima: Poker? Now, what kind of game might that be, I wonder? Still, I'm sure our team will emerge victorious!

Syo Kurusu: Crap. Lost again. I should never have folded that hand like that.

Cecil Aijima: Tokiya's rather good at this game! His expression doesn't change. It's like he's wearing a mask.

Tokiya Ichinose: Don't give it awa—*Cough* It's called having a "poker face."

Ai Mikaze: And Ranmaru keeps getting great hands, but he doesn't seem to have a strategy.

Ranmaru Kurosaki: Not sure what to say. You get the cards you're dealt.
There's no strategy here. Call it instinct.

Ai Mikaze: Instinct, eh? Seems like you're the only one capable of this, Ranmaru... I'll add that to my notes.

Ren Jinguji: Read 'em and weep. Full house.

Cecil Aijima: And these are my cards! Look, they're all red!

Syo Kurusu: Dude, that's a royal flush!

Ren Jinguji: Whoa, nice one, Cesshi. That's the rarest hand there is.

Ranmaru Kurosaki: Good job, Cecil. We've got a shot at winning this thing now.

Ai Mikaze: Hm. Another tie... Uh oh, I'm being told to wrap the show up.

Syo Kurusu: I'm fine with finishing up, but on a tie? What an anticlimax.

Cecil Aijima: We should get together again sometime. I mean, we made the cards. It'd be a waste never to use them again.

Ren Jinguji: Guess the stunning conclusion will have to wait. Okay, so who's gonna close us out?

Ranmaru Kurosaki: Tokiya should do it. He got the most points out of all of us. Let him do the honors.

Tokiya Ichinose: If you say so. Well, viewers, I'd like to thank you all for joining our little shindig today. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Farewell!

Chapter 4: Idol Discovery Vol. 1

Introducing a brand-new show from Shining TV! The idols pair off with one member performing in front of the lens, the other working the camera, before they swap roles. Volume 1 features ST☆RISH members Otoya, Masato, Tokiya and Ren. Witness the best of buds filming the kind of candid behind-the-scenes footage that fans rarely get to see.

Otoya, Masato

Episode 1

Otoya Ittoki: Masa, we rolling?

Masato Hijirikawa: We sure are.

Otoya Ittoki: Then it's time to get this show on the road! This is Idol Discovery, an all-new series from Shining TV!

Otoya Ittoki: This show sees ST☆RISH members taking turns to film each other and deliver the inside scoop on their lives straight to the fans!

Otoya Ittoki: In case you didn't know, I'm Otoya Ittoki. And my pal Masa will be on camera duty.

Masato Hijirikawa: Masato Hijirikawa, here to capture the very best of Ittoki and all his charms.

Otoya Ittoki: I gotta say, having you film me is giving me a little stage fright. But what the hey—let's get started!

Masato Hijirikawa: Sounds good. But first, shouldn't you tell us what you're planning to do today?

Otoya Ittoki: Sure thing. As this is a promo vid, they want me to do something I enjoy.

Otoya Ittoki: I thought really long and hard about what would be the best thing to do.

Otoya Ittoki: But if we're talking about stuff I enjoy, then I just can't look past soccer!

Masato Hijirikawa: Back when we were at the Academy, you were always on the schoolyard during recess, kicking a ball around with the guys.

Otoya Ittoki: Those were the days! And I was pretty good, mind you. Still am, so this should make for some great footage!

Otoya Ittoki: Plus, with you on camera, I know I can just be myself for the fans.

Masato Hijirikawa: Then I better not drop the ball on this! Or the camera, for that matter.

Otoya Ittoki: I see what you did there! Anyway, just try not to take it too seriously. I'm gonna go change, so I'll meet you out on the yard—I mean, the pitch!

Episode 2

Otoya Ittoki: And a-one, two...

Masato Hijirikawa: Look at that control—so smooth and steady. It's like the ball's attracted to his feet!

Otoya Ittoki: Yeah, I'm a pretty slick ball-juggler. Look, I can do it with my head and shoulders too.

Otoya Ittoki: Check this out. It's called "Around the World." And look, I can even use my heel.

Masato Hijirikawa: The ball does exactly what you want it to. And that trademark smile of yours is contagious!

Otoya Ittoki: You wanna give it a try, Masa? Look sharp! Pass!

Masato Hijirikawa: H-Hey! Stop goofing off. I can't control the camera and the ball.

Otoya Ittoki: Oh, yeah. Sorry. How about you pass to me? Make it a high one.

Masato Hijirikawa: That I can do. Ready? Here goes!

Otoya Ittoki: Thank you! Now check this one out! Super Kick!

Masato Hijirikawa: Whoa. The ball was really spinning, but you smacked it straight at the goal!

Otoya Ittoki: GOOOAL! That felt good! Let's do it again. Masa, next ball, please!

Masato Hijirikawa: You got it. Incoming!

Otoya Ittoki: Hey, I have an idea. What do you say to a quick one-on-one? First to score wins. Ready... Go!

Masato Hijirikawa: N-Now just a second, Ittoki!

Episode 3

Masato Hijirikawa: tiring. Can we take a quick breather?

Otoya Ittoki: C'mon, won't you play a little longer?

Masato Hijirikawa: I think I'm done. Honestly, I don't know where you get all that energy.

Otoya Ittoki: I don't get much time to play these days, so I wanna make the most of today while I can.

Masato Hijirikawa: You're right there. We aren't students any more, and we don't get nearly enough leisure time as I'd like.

Otoya Ittoki: I'm with you there. But while I like soccer, I absolutely love ST☆RISH! That's what gives me the most enjoyment these days.

Otoya Ittoki: Be it the daily lessons, memorizing scripts, or whatever, everything we do is to put smiles on faces. It gives me this crazy energy.

Otoya Ittoki: Nothing's more important to me than hearing the fans cheer our names, or singing along with the guys.

Otoya Ittoki: So a little bit of soccer every now and then is good enough for me. I'll just make the most of whatever time I've got.

Masato Hijirikawa: Well said. And anyway, I got some epic shots of you today.

Otoya Ittoki: Heheh. Okay, break time's over. Time for another one-on-one!

Otoya Ittoki: After all, this is one of the few chances to show the fans who I really am!

Tokiya, Ren

Episode 1

Tokiya Ichinose: Hello and welcome to Idol Discovery!

Tokiya Ichinose: Today's show will give you an inside look at the life of me, Tokiya Ichinose. Ren Jinguji will be doing the filming.

Ren Jinguji: That's right. I'll make sure you glimpse a side of Icchi you've never seen before. So get ready to keel over, ladies!

Tokiya Ichinose: And I'm here to put on a performance that I know the fans will enjoy.

Tokiya Ichinose: This series has us filming candid slices of our personal lives to act as promotional videos. I gave the topic a lot of thought and—

Ren Jinguji: Hey, Icchi. Loosen up a bit, will ya! What part of this is candid?

Tokiya Ichinose: Ren... Would you mind not cutting me off?

Ren Jinguji: Sorry, but this vid needs to capture the real you. I'm the one filming, so just relax and try to be yourself.

Tokiya Ichinose: Be myself? The producers said I'm free to do whatever, but ultimately this is promo material. I was thinking of going behind the scenes at the agency.

Tokiya Ichinose: But maybe you're right. This is a good opportunity to open up a little.

Ren Jinguji: Man, you're way too serious. How about you show the ladies what you do on a typical weekend? They'd love that.

Tokiya Ichinose: I see... This studio does have a homey feel. I think you could be onto something there.

Ren Jinguji: Then it's settled. So, what DO you do on the weekends?

Tokiya Ichinose: I usually read, work out, peruse some fan mail... I like to cook too. It helps me keeps tabs on my health.

Tokiya Ichinose: But lately I've been getting into drawing. Sometimes I have to draw for events or TV shows, so I've been trying to brush up on my skills at home.

Ren Jinguji: I'll admit, your sketches do have a unique style. I think you've got a real talent for it.

Tokiya Ichinose: Thanks. With drawing, I get a similar sense of fulfillment to when I express myself with a song.

Episode 2

Ren Jinguji: Now I'll ask a few personal questions. And I want you be honest here. We wanna film the real Icchi that no one gets to see.

Tokiya Ichinose: Okay, but just go easy on me.

Ren Jinguji: First up—what did you eat for dinner last night?

Tokiya Ichinose: Well, I came home late after a long day at work, so I threw together a quick salad and some soup.

Tokiya Ichinose: The soup was minestrone, with vegetables and chicken. Oh, and tomatoes. They're good for the complexion.

Ren Jinguji: Hear that ladies? Some culinary cosmetics for you there. About what time do you take a shower?

Tokiya Ichinose: It depends on the day. I don't have a set time. Why do you ask?

Tokiya Ichinose: ...Say, what's with that notepad in your hand? I saw you get it out before.

Ren Jinguji: Oh, this? Just a list of questions. I figured you might need me to jump in and move things along.

Tokiya Ichinose: You seem thoroughly prepared.

Ren Jinguji: Yeah, y'know. Anyway, next question—what do you do to relax?

Tokiya Ichinose: Hmm... Well, in addition to reading, like I said earlier, I like taking baths and listening to music. And I like to play games.

Tokiya Ichinose: And by "games" I mean board games like shogi or Othello, but by far my favorite is chess. I keep a set of each in my room.

Tokiya Ichinose: I like figuring out the best strategy to win. I always find it engaging to try and stay a few moves ahead of my opponent.

Ren Jinguji: Chess, huh? Nice. Wanna play a match against me? Show me just how good you are, Icchi.

Tokiya Ichinose: A game of chess? With you? Sure, but don't think I'll go easy on you.

Episode 3

Tokiya Ichinose: Checkmate.

Ren Jinguji: Ugh, well I guess I lost. You're a really good player, Icchi.

Tokiya Ichinose: It was pretty easy to read your moves. I'm usually pretty calm and collected, but I got a little carried away in the latter stages of the game.

Ren Jinguji: You don't sound very happy, but at least you look pleased. I think the ladies like that about you.

Tokiya Ichinose: I'm just the same as always.

Ren Jinguji: You're a chilled guy, but every once in a while you show us a grin. I mean, you look like you're enjoying yourself at your shows.

Tokiya Ichinose: What can I say? They're great fun. I can express myself through song and dance and get an immediate reaction from the audience.

Tokiya Ichinose: The sense of achievement I get from that is priceless. It always reminds me that ST☆RISH can grow to be even bigger and better.

Tokiya Ichinose: ST☆RISH has so much potential. As long as we're all open with each other and inspire one another, I think the sky's the limit.

Ren Jinguji: I didn't expect such a passionate response from you, but you're right, we all have to step it up and try harder. This turned out to be a great video.

Tokiya Ichinose: Isn't that exactly what you were aiming for? Still, I'm glad my feelings came across. And on that note, to everyone watching, thanks and goodbye!

Masato, Syo

Episode 1

Masato Hijirikawa: Idol Discovery today will focus on me, Masato Hijirikawa.

Masato Hijirikawa: For this project, the members of ST☆RISH take turns filming each other to produce a personalized promotional movie.

Masato Hijirikawa: On camera duty today we have Syo Kurusu. I'm not used to this sort of thing, so I'm relying on him to get me through this!

Syo Kurusu: No probs! Just leave it to me!

Masato Hijirikawa: Supposedly we're free to do whatever we want. I wasn't entirely sure what to do, but I decided on showing off some of my best housekeeping skills.

Syo Kurusu: I think it's pretty unique in this industry for a guy to be good at housekeeping. I mean, Hijirikawa can cook, clean, sew—he's a domestic god!

Masato Hijirikawa: Come on, you're being over the top! I mostly taught myself, so I can't say I'm perfect, but it's fun and rewarding all the same.

Masato Hijirikawa: But today, I want to show off my sewing skills. Unlike cooking, which I get to do for work sometimes, I hardly ever show this to anyone.

Masato Hijirikawa: It's not the kind of thing our fans see every day, either. I even brought my own sewing kit.

Syo Kurusu: That's Hijirikawa for you. Always prepared!

Syo Kurusu: So what will you be making today?

Masato Hijirikawa: You'll just have to wait and see! Let's get started.

Episode 2

Syo Kurusu: Wow, he really knows how to focus. He hasn't said a word since he started sewing!

Masato Hijirikawa: There, all finished!

Syo Kurusu: What? Already?!

Masato Hijirikawa: It's a tote bag. I made it from a patchwork of different fabrics.

Masato Hijirikawa: With patchwork you can mix and match different fabrics to your heart's content, so creating one-of-a-kind designs is simple.

Masato Hijirikawa: And if that's not enough, you can add a little embroidery or some decorative buttons to make it more visually striking.

Syo Kurusu: You can't help but get warm feelings from handmade stuff. I can't believe you made a whole tote bag so fast!

Syo Kurusu: I mean, sometimes I customize my own clothes and stuff, but you really work that needle and thread like a pro!

Masato Hijirikawa: It's not really that hard. I mean, I'd already decided on what I was going to make, and when I thought of the fans watching, I kind of went into autopilot.

Masato Hijirikawa: No matter what I'm creating, I get a real buzz when I think about who I'm making it for. The satisfaction when I finish something is just the best.

Masato Hijirikawa: I got so engrossed in making a pair of gloves for my sister recently that I completely lost track of time.

Syo Kurusu: I remember that! Were those the gloves with ribbons and lace that you were making in the greenroom?

Masato Hijirikawa: You got it. Sometimes I make seasonal items or an idea just pops into my head, and I set to work when I have a little downtime between shows or whenever.

Syo Kurusu: I'm kinda envious because I don't have a little sister.

Masato Hijirikawa: But you have a little brother, right? You should know what it's like.

Syo Kurusu: Yeah, I guess so. I mean, we send each other Christmas presents and things like that.

Syo Kurusu: H-Hey! Why am I answering the questions here? This is supposed to be about you!

Episode 3

Syo Kurusu: I honestly wasn't sure how interesting it'd be to watch you sew, but it really shows how kind and skilled you are. I think it turned out great!

Masato Hijirikawa: I just hope everyone enjoys it as much as you. Oh, by the way, Shinomiya asked me to make a pair of pajamas for you, just so you know.

Syo Kurusu: Eh?! What's that all about? I'm sure he wants some cutesy design, but just don't go overboard, okay?

Masato Hijirikawa: Whatever you say. I'll do a bear pattern instead of those adorable bunnies then.

Syo Kurusu: Nooo! That's not any better!

Masato Hijirikawa: Anyway, this self-produced video thing was a really valuable experience. It felt very different to be in front of the camera like this.

Masato Hijirikawa: We're pretty used to one another, so it's kind of business as usual for us, but it's a side of things our fans don't often get to see.

Syo Kurusu: Totally. But aside from the domestic stuff, you're pretty good at music, right? Don't you think the fans would like to see you play the piano?

Masato Hijirikawa: Well then, how about a piano and violin session? I'd love to perform with the rest of ST☆RISH one day, with everyone on their favorite instruments.

Syo Kurusu: That's a great idea! It's always good to get all the members together. I think we can do some great stuff!

Masato Hijirikawa: Yeah, there's just so much I want to do with ST☆RISH. I honestly think we bring out the best in each other.

Masato Hijirikawa: I want to keep growing as a person and as a performer, and make sure I express myself with everything I do.

Masato Hijirikawa: I swear to do my best to make all my fans proud of me, both as a member of ST☆RISH and as an individual.

Ren, Natsuki

Episode 1

Ren Jinguji: Okay, now it should be back to normal.

Natsuki Shinomiya: Thanks, Ren. Shall we try this again?

Ren Jinguji: Hey, ladies. You'll be following me today, Ren Jinguji. And behind the camera we have...

Natsuki Shinomiya: Me, Natsuki Shinomiya! I'll be getting all the best angles of Ren today!

Ren Jinguji: I've got some great stuff lined up that's guaranteed to excite all the ladies out there.

Natsuki Shinomiya: Sounds enticing! Are you ready to spill the beans?

Ren Jinguji: I thought I'd show off my skills at darts and teach you all how the game is played.

Natsuki Shinomiya: That should make for some great footage. You've got a dartboard in your room, right? You must be pretty good.

Ren Jinguji: Well, I talk about darts a lot, so the ladies probably already know that. However, I rarely play in front of the camera.

Ren Jinguji: Let's get started, shall we?

Episode 2

Ren Jinguji: First off, you stand in front of the board like this. Then you relax...

Ren Jinguji: And throw as if you were Cupid shooting an arrow at the apple of your eye.

Natsuki Shinomiya: You strike a dashing figure in front of that dartboard! But don't you get nervous aiming for the bull's-eye?

Ren Jinguji: At first, yeah, but you only have to aim for a moment. Once you've got the target in your sights, there's nothing left to fret over.

Ren Jinguji: The trick is to not put too much power behind your throw—just relax and let it go naturally.

Ren Jinguji: Like this. See?

Natsuki Shinomiya: Wow, you hit it right in the center! You make it look so easy. It must be nice to be able to hit a target like that.

Ren Jinguji: It does feel good to hit where you're aiming. I actually want to give more private lessons to the ladies out there, but my schedule doesn't always allow it.

Ren Jinguji: For today, I just want you all to keep your eyes on me. I want to be the only thing in those pretty eyes of yours.

Natsuki Shinomiya: Well that'll definitely get their attention!

Ren Jinguji: Hehe, I hope so. Now, this time I want you to watch closely, Shinomi. I'm gonna throw now. You ready?

Episode 3

Ren Jinguji: How was that? You get it on film?

Natsuki Shinomiya: I sure did! You were looking right at the target and then released the dart with perfect form.

Natsuki Shinomiya: And when you were showing us how to throw properly, you had this really determined look on your face.

Natsuki Shinomiya: Honestly, I think we got some great footage! I can't wait for everyone to see it.

Ren Jinguji: You really think so? That's good to know. Thanks, Shinomi!

Natsuki Shinomiya: By the way Ren, is there anything you work particularly hard at to project that cool image?

Ren Jinguji: Hmm... Well, I always try to understand myself first and think about how I should act.

Ren Jinguji: I want to be the perfect guy for the ladies. I never let up on that goal. I also try not to become self-satisfied to ensure I keep improving.

Ren Jinguji: The most important thing for us in this job is to first know what it is you want for yourself.

Ren Jinguji: So, if I know how I want to improve myself in order to live up to the expectations of the ladies, it only means I'll captivate even more hearts.

Natsuki Shinomiya: I also want everyone out there to know how truly amazing you are, Ren!

Natsuki Shinomiya: I like how you cheer people up when they're feeling down. And how you always check the magazines that feature ST☆RISH when we're in the greenroom. Oh, and—

Ren Jinguji: C'mon, Shinomi! You're making me blush over here. Save some praise for next time.

Natsuki Shinomiya: Haha, okay, okay. I'm sure the fans out there can discover all your good points on their own anyway!

Ren Jinguji: I'm sure they will. I'll always try my best to give performances that go over and above all the amazing support I receive.

Ren Jinguji: So ladies, keep your eyes on Ren Jinguji of ST☆RISH. I'll always be here to give you more love than you could ever hold in your arms.

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