The son of the noble family of Hijirikawa.
He plays the piano with lots of tenderness

Masato Hijirikawa (聖川 真斗, Hijirikawa Masato) is one of the idols you can interact with in Shining Live. He was in the A class during his time at Saotome Academy, and is now a member of ST☆RISH.

He is voiced by Kenichi Suzumura (鈴村 健一, Suzumura Kenichi)[2]


Courteous and serious, he treats any situation with the utmost earnestness and sincerity. He is skilled in housework and anything that requires a delicate touch. He is also exceptionally skilled at performing on stage.[3]

Hijirikawa seems to have a rather serious or stoic expression all the time, while maintaining a cool, calm, and collected disposition.


His in-game Normal outfit card consists of a light blue button-up shirt, a striped tie, and a blue sweatshirt cardigan.



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