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Important Notice
As many of you may have noticed, all fandom/wiki pages- both ours and many others, have been migrated to a new software which resulted in most if not all pages now showing some form of error. This can be as small as a tab being out of place or as large as nearly the entirety of a page being broken.

We apologize profusely for this and are attempting to figure out the best way to return this wiki to its former state. It may take a while, but we intend to repair all pages as soon as we can.

Thank you for your understanding.

Latest Wiki Updates
(Updated 06/16/2022)
The wiki is currently up to date up to and including the Daybreak of the Ocean photo shoot
and the Beloved Tales Jewelry: Floral Prince event
We are still updating some links related to these pages so please be patient!

New Projects
Lynette has finished updating the Quote List with Conversation Mode dialogue!
Tsolli has completed the Wallpaper List and the list of Autographs and Messages thanks to our translators Roux♪ and Ajipon!
The Song List has been fully updated with all songs thanks to the efforts of Sin, Dustin and Lynette!
Yana is slowly but surely adding all past stories, please look forward to it!

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